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Film Maker, Hat Maker, Financial Director at PF Collections, Snowboard Instructor to unsuspecting victims at Tamworth Snowdome, moderator on GONEboarding and recently retired semi pro footballer taking up the challenge of cycling and a London to Paris ride in July 2012 on behalf of Christian Aid

As you can tell I'm a busy person! Through this blog I intend to bring you all things FATBOB, through my snowboarding thoughts, videos, cycling and fundraising. I hope you enjoy what you find and come back for more updates.

Fully qualified in the UK

How many British Snowboarders can say they're legally qualified to teach on the mountain having done all their qualifications on 'home soil'? Well I know of 9, me being one of them. If you'd read the notes on me, you'd have noted that I qualified as an instructor with an ASBI qualification back in May 2006 at Milton Keynes Xscape under Snowsports Scotland. I converted to the BASI system back at Tamworth Snowdome in November 2007 and I've just returned from 2 weeks in Aviemore where I have successfully passed my BASI Level 2.

The first two levels were achieved under the guidance of Ash Newnes of Snowboardcoach fame. My BASI Level 2 was achieved with the aid of Mark Bishop who runs Pro Snowboarding in Val d'Isere. I would like to thank both for their help and guidance in achieving my qualifications. They are both excellent trainers with vast amounts of knowledge.

My wife Claire has been a rock over the last 2 weeks. She not only pushed me to do the course, but came up to Aviemore with me and looked after our children whilst I was doing he course. She didn't see much of me, but her support was very much appreciated and I did come home to smiley faces (well sort of) after a hard day of riding and lectures.

It's now back to work at both PF and the Snowdome. I have plenty of things to think about as I ponder my snowboarding career.

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